Bohol Governor’s Message to Capitol Employees

Atty. Arthur C. Yap, Governor of Bohol

My message to all Capitol Employees yesterday:

To all Capitol Employees: we shall be taking two days off to clean and disinfect our work stations. Use this time to stay home and isolated to ensure that you are taking the best precaution possible against Covid 19. Work from home to the extent possible.

We will do aggressive contact tracing in the next four days preparatory to re-opening the Capitol. Cases may still rise in the next few days but do not allow this to unnecessarily stress and wear you down.

You all need your strength, so conserve it to keep yourselves protected or to heal from Covid. If only it is allowed, I would find the time to visit those affected but that is not allowed at this time.

Instead I have ordered the preparation of food and medical support for you and your families for those who are on lock down. Get well and stay safe because many are depending on you and your service.

Do not be afraid for the Lord goes before you always. – Gov. Art Yap